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My First Time

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Living on a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean definitely has its advantages, but the warm beachy weather means that most of us Maltesers have never seen snow. You heard that right - never. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the chance to play around in the fluffy cold snow on Mount Uludag! All forms of dignity flew right out of the (cable car) window the moment I saw the white slopes...

Mount Uludag is the highest mountain in northwestern Turkey and is the ancient mythological Mysian Olympus, from where it was believed the gods watched over the Battle of Troy. Today it is home to Turkey's first and most popular skiing resort - what better place to see snow for the first time than the mountain of the gods? 

We started off on a misty morning. Hopping on a cable car at the foot of the mountain, we were quickly zooming in through mist and low clouds, with beautiful pine trees below us. 


The cable car stops at two levels; the first stop was a quick adventure around tiny stalls with beautiful Anatolian wares and the warm smell of coffee wafting around - and of course, a 5 minute stop for some snow angels! 

As our cable car rattled upwards and we finally got through the grey clouds, the sun shone all around us and over the beautiful panorama. It was a truly magical moment, heightened by the fact that the cable car stopped for a few minutes, and we heard midday songs of prayer from a distant mosque. Peace, quiet and an incredible vista - what more could one want?

At the highest point, luxurious skiing resorts and hotels greet you with warm (and outrageously expensive) food and drink; the snow here is whiter, purer and incredibly fluffy! All around us, skiers of all ages were making their way to higher points to start their descent. Lacking both time and financial resources to join them, we chose to walk around and breathe in the clean frosty air, and just enjoy each other's company (and a snowball fight or two). 

All too soon, it was time to descend back to Bursa. As we flew through the clouds again, the city sprawled out beneath us for as far as we could see, which made us eager to get exploring again! A perfect day with beautiful people which makes for some unforgettable memories. 


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