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Pure Maltese talent: Fireworks

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The annual Malta International Fireworks Festival is always worth waiting for. Attracting fireworks companies from all around the world, local manufacturers team up each year to provide us viewers a spectacular show. Although as Maltese we've become quite used to having fireworks almost every weekend throughout the summer months (sometimes to the point of annoying us), it's always beautiful to see the dark night sky sparkle with every glittery explosion.

The Festival is usually spread out over three evenings, so if you miss the first one, there's usually more to come. Check out the official website for more information, but my main tip would be to be there early - the Festival attracts a huge crowd, so be ready for traffic and parking crises! I like to avoid these by driving to my selected spot a bit early and enjoy a glass of wine right before the first fiery blossoms start shooting skywards.

Enjoy my rather squiggly shots - it's times like these I wish I had my own SLR :( Happy weekend everyone!

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