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The Hidden Village on UNESCO's World Heritage List

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At the foot of Mount Uludag, a mere 10km away from the city of Bursa, a tiny village hides in quiet solitude, hidden by leafy green trees. Dating back from the early years of the Ottoman Empire, Cumalikizik is a treasure trove for those seeking peace and quiet away from the city!

The village is tiny to say the least, and every house is brightly painted. In the foggy mountains, visibility is an issue for the villagers, which is why they painted the wooden houses in the brightest shades. The entire village has remained stuck in the early Ottoman period and is completely unspoilt - from the lifestyle of the villagers to the narrow cobbled alleys, everything has remained the same.

180 of the 270 homes are still lived in today, and the village is clearly a peaceful but lively one. Life here is a simple one; bread is baked at home, wine is squeezed from grapes in wooden 'boats', and having pigs and horses as pets is the norm. The locals are a cheery lot, probably because not many foreigners visit in the colder months. 

Peaceful is really the only word I can use to describe the place. Walking around the blue, pink, yellow and purple houses, breathing the fresh air and slowing down the pace to match that of the locals was a  real treat.


If you happen to be in Bursa or are planning to stop by, don't miss out on Cumalikizik. The place is unforgettable, and will take you back to your roots in just a few hours.

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