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Arriving in Bursa

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After an incredible day in Istanbul, it was time to catch a bus to Bursa, over on the Asian side of Turkey. Buses are an incredibly comfortable and safe way of travelling in Turkey - with dozens of competing companies, reasonable prices and hundreds of routes, they're definitely a great way to travel.

One of my favourite surprises along the way was when the bus got on a rickety ferry-boat, together with huge loading trucks and other cars to cross the sea of Marmara. The seagulls accompanied us across and soon enough, we were in Bursa! 

During our first days of wandering around, we found ourselves in a tiny food market in the street, selling the freshest produce imaginable with welcoming smiles. These are the things I love to see and experience; no unnecessary frills and a genuine local atmosphere. We also encountered some very unique characters, a thing to be expected in such a big and diverse city like Bursa. I'll let the images speak for themselves. Come back soon for more adventures!

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