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A Gentleman's Barber

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In central Balzan, Malta, life is fast paced. Businessmen rush around in suits, hassled parents drive their children around, and cars zoom by instantly. But in one little space in Balzan, life slows down for many men, as they stop by and get their favourite grooming treatment. Welcome to Antonio's Barber Shop, a space created by a gentleman for gentlemen.

As I approach the shop, a handful of men are crowded at the entrance. The shop is clearly full and busy, but the atmosphere is cheerful - Sting and Black Sabbath blare out of speakers, as the men chat about anything under the sun. Antonio later tells me that this is the norm here; customers just walk in throughout the day, hoping to find Antonio in a rare moment of quiet, which is next to impossible!

Antonio and his team are clearly very dedicated to what they do. Beards are groomed with painstaking precision, faces are shaved clean with the old school hot towel shave and the classic blade, expertly maneuvered by the skilled barbers. Antonio keeps his own beard game on point, with a classic colonel moustache, the tips curled upwards thanks to his own brand of styling products. From beard conditioners to essential oils and shaving brushes, Antonio has everything the modern man could need.

The place is clearly more than a barber shop. Due to its popularity, long waiting periods are to be expected, but as I chat with customers, they tell me that they are more than willing to wait their turn - it's just worth it, and they also get some time to catch up with friends and enjoy some pleasant conversation. Antonio is welcoming and friendly; he has created a space for men to feel pampered and relaxed.


So gentlemen, if you want to give yourself the ultimate grooming experience, go say hi to Antonio. Doors open weekly from 9am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. There is no appointment system, just drop by and enjoy your time there - you're in for a treat!

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