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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Bookworm Heaven

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Romanians have their priorities set straight. An ancient ruin in the middle of Bucharest has just been restored and converted into a stunning book store!

Carturesti Carusel, or Carousel of Light, has become a 6-floor book store, housing more than 10,000 books and albums. It is also home to a number of cultural events, and its design is incredibly elegant and unique. Bookstore is an understatement: for me, this is what heaven would look like if it existed. It combines old with new, is huge and of course, is bathed in white light, honouring its name.

If ever I go missing, you know where to find me. I also found an adorable pun which fits this week's TTI perfectly!

Why did the Romanian stop reading?
To give his Bucharest.

Terrible I know. Happy Tuesday!

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