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Why Travel is the only Valentine's gift you should give

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So Valentine’s Day is in two days, and you’re still stumped on what to give to your significant other? Tired of the same old chocolate-dinner-movie routine? Shake things up this February 14th, and give him/her the sweet escape of their life! 

It doubles as a self-gift and hey, you deserve it.

Haven't you heard? Venice is the new girl's best friend! 

1. You’re travelling with your best friend

Travelling is great whether you do it solo or not, but it becomes even more awesome when you do it with someone you’re comfortable around. Your other half won’t judge (too harshly) if you read the map wrong and get yourselves lost, or when you pig out on traditional cuisine. Being yourself is pretty much the best way to travel <3

Pigging out at a soup festival in Montmartre, Paris

2. You get uninterrupted alone time with your s/o

What better way to show that you value your loved one’s company than to whisk them away to a romantic getaway? Get ready for endless hours of great conversation, fueled by your gorgeous new surroundings, and of course, your mutual love!
Tavarua. Sigh.

3. Cliched trips become fun with your s/o

OK, so maybe they’ll still be cheesy, but the classic romantic spots in the world are suddenly your playground. Ever wanted to try out the wine in Paris? Desperate to check out the cliff formations in Santorini? Now you have the perfect excuse. My friend, I've got you sorted. 
Check out this handy guide to touring the Eiffel tower right! 

4. You’ll learn so much about each other

Travel brings out the best (and worst) in most people, and you’ll be learning stuff about each other which would have taken years to come out. You’ll be bonding over your newly discovered history geekiness, or fighting about the correct method of packing socks (always tucked into your shoes, FYI). Don’t be frightened; this is a great way of strengthening a relationship and making sure you know each other inside out!

Fueling our bookworm spirits at Shakespeare and Co, Paris

5. It doesn't have to be OTT travel

Vacation leave almost run dry? Empty wallets? Taking your loved one away from home doesn’t have to mean a month-long romp in another continent. Try a weekend break, or take a train to a neighbouring country for the weekend. Low-cost airlines offer flights starting from as low as 19 euro - a steal! You’ll discover beautiful places close by for a fraction of the cost, and you’ll still be on your own to celebrate yourselves. Score!
Palermo is only a cheap flight away...

6. You’ll always have great memories of the place

Chocolates get eaten. Flowers will rot and perfumes will be used. That night time stroll in Rome? That time you watched the sunset in Malta? You’re making memories that will last forever - just like your relationship.
Just before sunset in magical Santorini

BONUS: They’ll love you forever!

Who wouldn’t want to be swept off their feet, and hop onto a plane/train/car with their partner? Planning a vacation is a sign that you enjoy doing fun stuff with them and that you’re thoughtful and caring - awhhhh.
So get ready for endless hugs and affection - don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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