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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Take me to Church

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Imagine, if you will, a faraway northern land. Then imagine a cold, vast lake with a tiny piece of rock right in the middle, with a beautiful secluded church squeezed on top of it. A mythical fairy tale? Nope - a Russian architect's dream sprung out of his visionary sketches.

Constructed in 2000, Andrew's Church (named after the Saint and the architect himself) can be found in the middle of lake Vuoksi, in the Leningrad Region, somewhere between St Petersburg and Finland. Whilst not the most practical for Sunday mass, the minuscule island-church definitely has its charms, especially in winter, when the lake freezes over: 

Although I am definitely not the religious type of person, I can still appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of religious architecture, and sometimes, the humble nature of smaller chapels do it better than the great marvels of Rome.

Thanks to English Russia for the beautiful photos - here's hoping they inspired your wanderlust soul this week!

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