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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: New York's best kept secret

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Are beautiful gilded halls, reminiscent of a classic Renaissance-style palazzo, lined from floor to ceiling with original manuscripts and books the first things that come to your mind when you think about New York City? No? Read on, I might just have found the city's best secret yet and yes, you can visit it yourself almost every day of the year! 

New Yorkers and tourists alike walk past it without realising that behind its plain facade, a true treasure lies hidden in plain sight. 

Originally the private collection of super-rich financier Pierpoint Morgan, the Morgan Museum was opened to the public when his son Jack realised the library was too important to be kept from the people. Over the years, the collection has continued to grow into a true bibliophile's heaven, from a Dickens manuscript of A Christmas Carol to letters from figures such as John Steinbeck and Jane Austen. 

Did I also mention the place is incredibly beautiful? 

If you find yourself in NYC, you can check out the admission times and fee here. Its location is incredibly central, but very few people know about it, so chances of it being fully booked are quite slim! (Geddit?) Ideal if like me, you love some quality time at the library.

Let me know if The Morgan makes it to your libraries to visit - it definitely tops mine! (Yes I have a library list, but that's for another... chapter. I'll see myself out.)

Have a great Tuesday guys! Stay inspired. :)

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