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I like to beat new paths for myself.


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What do you do when you find yourself with a free afternoon and a beautiful wintry day, the kind which only the Mediterranean can offer? You dress up warm and have fun splashing around, of course!

My home town is gorgeous most days of the year, but when the wind is just right and the sun comes out, Marsaskala shines with a light of its own. The waves come crashing over the salt pans, making the air salty and me and my lens very, very happy!

Down at the bay, the sea was just right for some good ol' surf, which got some brave people out on their boards, riding away. The rest of us just lazed around, admiring the view - this kind of weather demands that you be lazy. 

My favourite spot - perfect for some Instagramming the waves rumbling below!

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Welcome back, Spring. We missed you.

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