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Love to Wander, Wander to Love

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Not going to lie: I think Valentine's is an overrated, capitalistic holiday, made to make you spend money on anything with shades of pink, red or remotely cute. Personally, I'm a believer of making an effort to show your love every day of the year, not just when shops tell you to. 

So what better way to escape from this sugary sweet day than to whisk away the ones you love and take them to some of your favourite places? I already hinted that travel might just be the perfect Valentine's gift, but when that isn't an option, backyard exploring is just as great. 

Although the weather wasn't what we hoped for, we hopped in the car and my beautiful mama, being the driver for the day, showed us around some of her favourite secret spots around the island. Fawwara, Imtaħleb, Rabat and Ġnejna Bay were just a few of the places we stopped at throughout the day, often just breathing all the scenery in, or grabbing some delicious pastizzi to fuel us on! 




You might think some of the photos were taken in Ireland, but Maltese countryside in winter becomes one sprawling green carpet, wrapping up hills and rocks in emerald turf. 

Ġnejna Bay was just as gorgeous, with its crystal clear waters and golden sands. I was seriously considering taking a dip (in mid-February), and got my boots quite wet in the process! #worthit



The greatest problem for a travel and lifestyle blogger? When they forget to take out their camera with them! Do excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken with my phone, but I just couldn't resist sharing this day with you all - after all, it's all about love :) How was your V-day? Let me know in the comments below, let's chat! 

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