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Tuesday Travel Inspiration - The Sweet Escape

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As far back as I can remember, January has always meant exams. This year is no different, and as coffee slowly starts replacing the blood cells in my veins, I'm dreaming of grabbing the next flight away from here and hide right up a tree.

What's that you say?

Yepp, hide safely up a tree. Ideally somewhere far away, in an unspoilt location, with a luxurious room conveniently placed in the trees. Basically, Treehotel in Sweden!

Nestled in a lovely pine forest in the northern part of Sweden, Treehotel is close to a tiny village, made up of around 600 residents. The rest of your surroundings include a stunning lake, forest, peace and quiet. Pretty much everything I do not have right now. Did I mention you can also see the northern lights from the hotel's location? Wow. 

Treehotel is an hour's drive from Kallax airport. Although not exactly a budget destination, it is definitely a bucketlist candidate! 

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