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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Perspective

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If you're anything like me, before going anywhere you research it. You'll look up the places to see, food to try, and whatever you need to make your trip just right. Sometimes, however, the pictures we look up don't always reflect the full truth.

For this reason, PolicyMic have taken some of the world's most famous landmarks and put them in perspective. We usually see these iconic monuments in all their glory, but somehow their surroundings end up cropped out.

Case in point - Stonehenge. Not that mysterious and primeval with a traffic jam close by!

The Parthenon in Athens was built on the highest promontory, because it was believed that the gods lived there. Never knew heaven was so close to most people's homes! 

On the other hand, sometimes a landmark's surroundings make it even more beautiful. Case in point, Paris' Arc de Triomphe is the focal point to a star-like formation of wide avenues. 

And Central Park may be beautiful on its own, but it's even more spetacular considering it's caged from all sides by an urban jungle! 

Just like in life, sometimes a good perspective shake-up is what we need to understand our little world better. See you next Tuesday! 

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