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The Versailles Venture - Part II

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Our day in Versailles continues. After waltzing through the halls of kings and queens, it was time to see how the French royals did gardens. Extravagance doesn't even do them justice; even in 2015 they make you feel royal just by strolling in them!

Perfectly curated and soothingly symmetrical at every angle, the lawns of Versailles are one of a kind, and needless to say, enormous. They were meticulously planned in the style of the time and in sync with the Palace itself. For example, the water parterres pictured above were put just below the Hall of Mirrors in order to light up the whole room with natural light. 

The Parterres and fountains give way to the Green Carpet, the lush 'main road' which leads to the Grand Canal and the Groves flanking it. Everything is in geometrical harmony here, even the cool groves hiding behind the auburn autumn leaves. The grand canal is a huge artificial lake where you can actually rent a rowing boat and set sail! We were sorely tempted to do this, but our somewhat lacking sailing skills held us back, fearing embarrassing accidents.... we settled for people watching instead, which was just as fun in Versailles!

If you thought Versailles was mainly visited by tourists, you'd be wrong. I discovered the gardens are just as popular with locals too! We went on a public holiday, which meant that there were dozens of families enjoying the sunny November day on the green lawns. Which is exactly what we did! 

As usual, my obsessive planning skills came in quite handy in this case. Once we found the ideal spot by the canal, out came the wine and of course, the baguettes! Could we be more French? Oh and I wore stripes too. La vie en rose indeed ^.^

^ Take that, Subway! We happily munched our way through the enormous baguettes and sipped the wine, saluting the beautiful environment around us. Couples rowing by, ducks swimming past us and birds chirping in the trees. What more could we need?

Full and satisfied, we got on our feet and set out to explore the rest of the gardens. Believe me when I say it's full of surprises! Versailles is truly the king of palaces, and its gardens match up beautifully. Let me know of what you thought about our royal picnic below!

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