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The Versailles Venture - Part I

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Versailles is the perfect day trip from Paris. Just a train ride away from the city centre, The Palace, together with its huge gardens, is a day's worth of exploring. I'll admit I was a bit hesitant; would Versailles be a tourist trap? But after doing some research and speaking with some locals, I found out the city (and the infamous palace) is a destination for the Parisiens too, so we resolved to experience it the local way. 

We reached the golden gates of the Palace on a stark wintry morning. Bitterly cold but with bright blue skies, we entered the great halls, once the seat of power of the French kings. Despite being early birds and in relatively low season, the queue was quite something.  Buying your tickets in advance from here will definitely help you beat the crowds. The site is a pretty useful research tool, and they've got a nifty app for when you're actually there! 

Surprisingly, we didn't spend much time within the Palace itself. Although incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring, we found ourselves longing to explore the sprawling gardens! We did take the time, however, to admire the stunning architecture and the vibrant frescoes, glimmering gold in the early morning light. 

From the King and Queen's apartments, to their private chapel and of course, the Hall of Mirrors, one room surpasses the other in beauty and extravagance. You can clearly see why Marie Antoinette would find it suitable to give her peasants cake from these beautiful halls! 

The sun had risen properly by the time we were out of the Palace, which was shining in all its glory. Having been in Paris for a week, we were used to the dark roofs of Paris, but Versailles' golden frosted tips are out of this world! 

As you leave the golden Palace behind you, an iconic view unfolds itself before you. The perfectly curated, symmetrical gardens seem to go on forever into the horizon - a perfect jungle for us to explore! 

Check back for our adventures in the gardens of Versailles, and how we chose to tour them - believe me, it'll be a party! And let me know below how your Versailles experience was :)

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