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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Nature's Cathedral

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Italy simply overflows with stunning cathedrals, but I think this one might just be their best one yet.

Located at the foot of the Alps, in northern Italy, a cathedral is slowly but surely growing. It's the late Giuliano Mauri's Tree Cathedral, and it's a sight to see, even in its early days.

42 beech trees were planted way back in 2010, each tree surrounded by a framework of branches spiralling upwards and caging the trees in. Eventually, these branches will rot away, and the trees will stand alone, having growing up and towards each other to form natural walls and a roof. Beeches however take decades to fully develop, so it will take some time to see the end result.

This is a beautiful and stark contrast to the environmental massacres going on around us everyday. From the depletion of rainforests to the destruction of peaceful areas to build even more dull concrete buildings, man is eroding that which gives him life. The Green Cathedral shows that this need not be the case. Man and nature can come together without one suffering because of the other.

A perfect case for sustainability in our future projects, and a true place to worship that which deserves our awe and respect - nature.

You can find the Cattedrale Verde in Bergamo, Italy. The nearest airport is Orio al Serio International airport, and there's quite a drive to get to Plassa, where the Cathedral can be found. Do wrap up warm, it gets cold in the Alps!

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