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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Got the blues

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Morocco fascinates me. 

Separated from Europe by a mere strait of ocean, the north-African continent feels close to home, but Morocco remains a closed oyster of unique culture and beauty to discover. Chefchaouen is one such gem. 

Not too far from Tangiers in the north, Chefchaouen is named after the mountains giving it shelter, which look like goat horns (chaoua). The city begins where the mountains end, giving it an amazing backdrop - mountains, waterfalls, forests - not exactly the desert scenario I had in mind, but just as breathtaking! 

The town was painted blue by its former Jewish population, and it makes a walk in the town an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on their goat's cheese either - it's a local speciality! 

The closest airports are those in Rabat or Tangier - about a two hour drive from both cities. Chefchaouen is also reportedly one of the safest locations in Morocco; the only danger rests in mispronouncing the name itself! 

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