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In Shakespeare's Company

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Not too far from Quasi's crib, a little bookshop quietly awaits on the rive gauche. You wouldn't guess it from it's unassuming appearance, but this quaint store is legendary amongst bookworms worldwide, and is definitely worth a peek when in Paris. 

Weather permitting, bookstands lie outside the green-shuttered shop, chock-full of used books at great prices. We dug out some great finds from that stand, a sign of things to come for my poor credit card...

You enter the shop and find yourself in a tiny, cramped Nirvana. Books line the walls from top to bottom, the shelves sag, heavily laden with every book imaginable. Friendly assistants clamber up and down ladders in the search of a book for you to take home and treasure.

Like chapters in a book, the shop is divided in smaller sections, or reading rooms. The deeper you delve in, the quieter it gets, leaving you to your thoughts in this book cathedral. 

Which is where you'll find me, wishing I could stay there forever... 

My favourite room has to be the poetry section. Cellar-like and absolutely tiny, you go through intricate iron-wrought gates and surround yourself by the poets, lying on their shelves like fine wine, waiting for you to take a sip of their knowledge. 

Shakespeare and Co. opens every day of the week, from 10am to 11pm - perfect for night owls like me! Check out their beautiful Tumblr and blog if you can't make it to Paris, but need some good ol' bookporn. I miss this place, the smell of new books, combined with that classic library smell, and the feeling of anticipation of finding a new book to lose myself into. 

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