The Anti-Tourist

I like to beat new paths for myself.


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Yesterday, we got to wear a funny hat and a heavy cape. We glammed up and received a large certificate with latin inscribings on it.
That's all it would look like for an outsider, but to us it meant the end of three years of hard work, tears and sleepless nights. Three years of 8am lectures and 8pm ones, three years of inside jokes and new friendships, coffee to keep us going, and making the library our home away from home. Three years of nerve-cracking exams, testing our resolve, and the tears of joy (or not) when we finally got our results. 

Somehow, we made it! 

So yesterday was not just a show of pageantry and endless taking of photos. Yesterday was a celebration of what we managed to achieve, and the first stepping stone towards our final goal. 

These photos are a thank you - thank you for having stood by me, thank you for being a true friend, thank you for reading my chats at 4am the night before an exam, thank you for your love and support, thank you for being you. HUGS!


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