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An Île de la Cité breakfast

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The only time I can ever be an early bird is when I'm travelling. Back home, nothing will wake me up, but if I'm somewhere new, I'll be the one banging around waiting for everyone else to wake up and go

It definitely pays when you get to see the sun rise behind one of the world's most beautiful gothic cathedrals - Notre Dame.

Just look at those gorgeous golden leaves shine, and the cathedral positively glowing in the light. 

Thankfully, the cathedral was almost deserted, with only a few worshippers shuffling inside for the first mass of the day. This meant we could explore and enjoy the stunning heart of Notre Dame without disturbing anyone. We were lucky to have perfect weather on the day; the stained glass comes to life when the sun comes out to play!

 After we had toured the inside, we were keen on getting to the top of Notre Dame, but a stern watchman told us it was too early to go up to the bell towers. How could we make an hour and a half pass by quickly? Our grumbling tummies made the way for us.

Five minutes away from the Cathedral, a quaint little restaurant was pulling up its blinds to start the day. A matronly lady greeted us at Ma Salle a Manger and set us up on one of the brightly painted tables outside. The perfect spot for some people-watching until our tea was brewing!

Soon enough, two steaming pots of tea came up, accompanied by the softest croissants I have ever tasted, and a pair of freshly baked baguettes, glistening with butter and jam. Now that's how you do a Parisian breakfast!

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The day was in full swing by the time we devoured our delicious breakfast. Refreshed, we returned to Notredame to continue our search for Quasimodo, or at least get some views of the city! Stay tuned for more from stunning Paree. 

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