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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Tea Time

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Is it cold outside? Cuddle up, mug in hand and take a look at today's find! 

Today's travel inspiration takes us all the way to China, Meitan county to be precise. Meitan is a tiny, rural part of central China, which may pass unnoticed next to cities like Shanghai or Hong Kong. However, it has managed to set itself apart in one very particular way - it has a museum dedicated entirely to tea, which has shattered all records... for being the biggest teapot-shaped building in the world.

They're going to need a whole lot of teabags for this one - at 73.8 metres high and over 5,000 square metres wide, this 'teapot' can hold up to 28,360.23 cubic metres! A fitting tribute for a county which is known as the hometown of Chinese green tea.

Tea lovers unite and get your tickets to China now, and do let me know how you like your tea brewed in the comments below!

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