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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Pure Shores

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This Tuesday, we're going north for the swim of a lifetime.

Scotland is world-famous for many things; the best whiskey in the world, beautiful green hills, bagpipes and its locals' fiery spirit. Beaches? Not so much. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this image of Sandwood Bay and found out it was in mainland Scotland: 

Pretty incredible, right? 

Sandwood Bay is a stretch of pinkish sand between the North Atlantic and the freshwater Loch. It is easily the cleanest and the most unspoilt beach - untouched by man, thanks to its remoteness and difficulty of getting to it. Thankfully, the area is under the wing of the John Muir Trust, which means it should stay this way for a long time. 

The nearest city (Inverness) is over 100km away, and there is no road to it. You have to park at a gravelly car park in Blairmore and walk for six kilometres until you get to the beach. Pack some sturdy gear, the weather is highly unpredictable in the area.

The walk itself provides some stunning views over the bay: 

Imagine yourself on the sparkling sand, the North Atlantic waves hitting the beach before you, and stunning dunes and cliffs surrounding you on every other side. Picture it - no one but yourself and the beauty of a place not yet spoiled by man, with his "developments". Breathe in and enjoy the silence

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