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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Capitals

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This week's inspiration is definitely not exotic or remote - in fact, it's something of a classic. 

Having just returned from a visit to the French capital, I guess I'm still in a very urban mood, but not the high-tech, fast-paced kind of urban. This week it's the classics that are whetting my appetite to wander and dream. 

Like Paris, Rome is a cultural hub and am icon, both past and present. Both cities have been protagonists of classic movies, and both are deeply steeped in history. I've found that when wandering their cobbled roads or wide piazzas (or places), the towering monuments and landmarks humble you, and make you adjust your perspective on life and its trivialities. 

So today it's Rome's Trevi Fountain that's inspiring us. Picture yourself there on a warm sunny day, gelato in one hand and a coin in the other, make a wish and throw that coin. Done? Then if legend got it right, you'll be back in Rome sometime in your lifetime. I'll let you know when that happens for me - check out my first trip to Rome here, here and here

Happy Tuesday folks! 

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