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Paolo Nutini - Live in Paris

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Warning: Photos of extremely talented and handsome singer below. Headphones on, press play and scroll along if you think you can handle it! 

The whole idea to go to Paris started off when Paolo Nutini announced his European tour dates a while ago. I've been a fan ever since his first album, and I really couldn't pass up an opportunity to watch him and the band perform live! When the day came and we made our way to the Bataclan, the adrenaline was running pretty high. 


The setting was ideal - small and intimate, almost like a vintage jazz bar, but ready to dance hard when the lights go up! The man himself gave a spectacular performance. From Iron Sky to Candy, Scream to Rewind, he sang through most of his repertoire with incredible charm and gusto. My personal bias apart, he and the band made my night. 

A few shots of the master at work - apologies for the quality but I was too busy dancing the night away! 

The night ended with a favourite of mine - Last Request. Appropriate! Can't wait to see Paolo sing again. Until then, time to hit replay on Youtube for the millionth time... 

Let me know if you've seen Paolo live in the comments below - let's fangirl together!

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