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Our secret Parisian dinner

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Have you ever dreamt of exploring Europe's great cities and wine and dine just like the locals, or even better, with the locals? Are you planning a trip to one such city, but feeling wary about the many tourist traps that would rob you of your money and leave you unsatisfied? Read on, because I've found just the thing for you!

Nestled in the winding streets of Paris' 9th arrondisement, Alexis and Kath's stunning bohemian apartment awaits you for the dinner of a lifetime. 

Alexis is a passionate food lover, born and bred in Paris, with a taste for all that is local and seasonal. So what better person to host an intimate dinner in the heart of the French capital? 

Alexis works with Eat With to greet fellow gourmands from all over the world. The recipe is a simple one - you turn up, meet whoever turns out to be your dinner companions, and enjoy the night. Simple, non?

While Alexis works his magic in the kitchen, we are entertained by his lovely partner, Kath, a charming Brit with a unique talent for conversation and making everyone feel at home. The ambient and a sip of aperitif help along nicely too! 

The evening is kicked off by the tastiest crisps (chips for the Americans) I've ever tasted. Home made from Jerusalem artichoke, they are the perfect combination of crispy and moist, and deliciously salty. They are paired with pumpkin caviar to dunk into, which we happily did! 

Conversation flowed as easily as the wine, as we got to know our fellow companions, all with their own interesting background and spirit. All too soon it was time for dinner, and we huddled comfortably around the table. A table! 

Our starter consisted of soup, a thick velvety truffle soup with croutons and foie gras. Prior to this night, I had never tasted the delicacy and was quite wary of it (I detest liver), but to my surprise, I found myself with an empty plate in a matter of minutes! This is definitely one of those life-changing plates. 

Alexis being the awesome host that he is, in between courses surprised us with this little babe: 

A mouth watering "True Normand" sorbet with apples soaked in calvados, a sinfully sweet liquor. We ooh-ed and aah-ed through it as we continued to uncover Alexis' culinary genius. 

The main course was a showstopper - baby chicken with the juiciest meat possible, accompanied by potato puree and the tastiest salad I've ever had. Seriously, those veggies were good. 

Heavenly food apart, what makes this event work is the atmosphere and the brilliant company. Dinner after all is just another excuse to get together and enjoy good conversation. This we did, with people from different countries with completely different backgrounds and stories to bring to the table. The perfect side to the delicious food! 

No French meal would be complete without a selection of fromage to end the night with. Alexis handpicks the selection himself, and serves the cheeses with bread and local, "real" butter. Skeptic at first, once I tasted said butter I knew I was ruined - I could never enjoy any other kind of butter! Yepp, that good.

As the night sadly drew to a close, we were presented with a final treat - chocolate truffles! Seriously decadent, they are a joyful explosion of flavour, which we devoured in one bite. The face of joy below says it all:

If you're in Paris you seriously can't miss this dinner. Book your French feast today, and enjoy true French gastronomic delight. Let me know if you've already been to an EatWith event and do say hi to Alexis and Kath for me when you go! 

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