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Le Refuge des Fondus - Foodie paradise

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Today's tale starts, as many good tales often do, with two hungry travelers, looking for somewhere to rest their feet and fill their stomachs. 

They had spent their day wandering around Montmartre, but now that night had fallen and lights were illuminating the streets, rumbling tummies reminded them they hadn't eaten in hours. That's when they found their refuge...quite literally. 

The adventurers curiously peeked in, and were immediately hurried inside, made to hang their coats somewhere safe, and seated on a long bench crossing the whole restaurant, which slowly began to fill up.  

No questions asked; the two visitors were still trying to figure out the hieroglyphics on the walls, door and benches when a bustling chef brought them sugar coated glasses with aperitif and nibbles to start the night.

But the real treat came with the wine. When they ordered two bottles of wine, this is not exactly what they had in mind...

...but they enjoyed it nonetheless! (OK, they enjoyed it a lot)

Meanwhile, the chef scurried around once again to place two large, kitsch pans on a glowing fire in front of them, together with plenty of bread and pieces of raw meat. Confused, they asked for instructions. The chef huffed, puffed, pointed towards the two fondue forks and indicated that the bread was to be dunked in the bubbling cheese, and the meat cooked in the sizzling oil.

Bravely, the two (slightly drunk) adventurers began to 'cook'. But first, they marveled at the miracle and beauty that is melted cheese. It tasted even better than it looked - rich, full-flavoured cheese with hints of wine. Glorious.

The meat process took some getting used to, but finally they got the hang of it, and began pulling up delicious pieces of meat - rare for her, slightly brown for him. 

As the night went on, they began to experiment. How would meat with cheese be? What if they fried the cheesy bread too? Would it be good? (They can safely report that yes, it was divine.) The face says it all:

Oh you want another excuse to look at cheese? Here you go. 

As much as the two foodies tried, they couldn't finish the huge pan of godly cheese, but they did manage to drink up their wine, like the good children they are.

With the shop slowly growing quieter, they decided it was time to shrug on their coats again and rush out into the night, ready to continue their exploring. 

Get yourself at Le Refuge des Fondus here. Go early to avoid disappointments - there's usually a queue! And ladies, avoid skirts - you'll have to hop over tables to get a seat ;) Let me know if you've enjoyed La Refuge as much as we have! 

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