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Europe's Capital

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One bitterly cold but beautiful day, we paid a visit to one of the European institutions; its democratic heart, the European Parliament in Brussels. 

Of course, the official seat of Parliament is in Strasbourg, but the majority of the work done by members of Parliament happens here, in Brussels. As a law student, political activist and all-round nerd, visiting Parliament was a fun opportunity, as well as a great way to admire the city from a different perspective.  

An amazing piece of history rests before the building - a slab of concrete, once part of the Berlin Wall, central protagonist of the Cold War.

Art and politics intertwine here. Take a look at the structure below:

Rambling all around a massive staircase, you are encouraged to poke this steel work. Once you let it go, it hits its sister pipe and vibrates, which in turn hits another pipe, and so on, creating a subtle symphony. It symbolizes the need for Europe to co-exist and the chain effect one state can produce.

As the day began to fade, we made our way to the top floors, where great glass corridors give a beautiful vista of the city below. We watched the sky change hues, before descending once more to toast on beer. Stay tuned for more Brussels adventures!

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