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Dinner at Canal Saint Martin

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Not too far from Gare de l'Est, there is a tiny canal streaming towards the Seine, arched by steel bridges and adorned with locks. Tall trees surround it in their full autumn glory, leaves swirling in the air and falling delicately in the water. It is canal Saint Martin, the latest hip place to be for Parisians and tourists alike. 

During our stay, we were lucky enough to be living right next to the canal, so a relaxed stroll late in the evening was well due. Sounds of laughter and chatter rose above the water, apparently a meeting place for many. 

As the sky grew darker, we decided to try out Blend, a new burger joint in town suggested by the previous night's lovely hosts. We found the place tucked in a quiet road, and greeted by a lovely hostess, we took our seats and glanced at the simple (but delicious) menu. 

Signature burger for him, Cheesy burger for me, and of course, the cheesiest of fries. We could tell we were in for a goud-a treat (sorry)! Seriously, look at all that cheese. 

The burgers were the perfect tinge of pink, the buns soft but firm, and conveniently cut in half for ease of handling. Clever, given the size of the beasts!

You can say the meat and fries were the perfect... blend. I'll see myself out.

Don't miss out on a quiet walk by the canal if you're in Paris, and a visit to Blend is highly recommended if you're a fellow glutton! 

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