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Dashing Antwerp

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What is it about European towns and Christmas that makes them so adorable and exciting? After a day in Bruges we were tired to say the least, but the prospect of spending an evening in Antwerp during this time of the year was too much fun to miss! 

It was close to dusk when we arrived at the city, and the sizable crowd at the Grote Markt (main square) was already buzzing at the prospect of a night of merriment. The Guildhouses were the perfect backdrop to the events happening before them. 

Music rang throughout the streets and the crowd was fueled by beer, as they danced and sang along. 

As the lights came on and the usual Christmas shopping bustle went on around us, we hopped from stall to stall of yet another Christmas market, sampling soft furs (appropriate in the frightful cold), tasting waffles and ooh-aahing at different trinkets. 

Antwerp, it's been a short but sweet ride. I will definitely be back! 

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