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Christmas in Brussels

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Once Halloween's over and done with and we've gorged ourselves full with delicious treats, it's time to move on to the next big thing - Christmas! Together with a great group of friends, I flew over to Brussels last year, to see how the European capital marks the event. A feast of beer, soul food and good times followed! 

We spent our evenings roaming the city centre and the buzzing streets, lined with market stalls selling their wares and revellers enjoying the festive cheer. The vats of warm mulled wine were impossible to resist in the frosty nights, and don't get me started on the cheese...

Brussels is where I really grasped the meaning of a place being as pretty as a postcard!

 We paused occasionally for some fuel, that being either beer...

...or delicious treats. The city is well-known for its chocolatey delights! (Side effects to scrolling down may include drooling)

Most nights we'd end up at the gorgeous Grand Place, with its lights and hourly music shows on the stunning facade of the Town Hall. Smiling faces everywhere, the lustful scent of chocolate and mulled wine wafting around and twinkling lights? No better Christmas. 

Stay tuned for more adventures from Belgium, soon! 

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