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Boat ride in Bruges

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Brussels is magnificent in winter, but for all its efforts, it remains a modern, vibrant city. Bruges on the other hand is a step back in time, and could easily be mistaken for a fairytale setting. Now to find Prince Charming...

We stepped out of the European capital for a day to visit Bruges in the west. Being a mere two hours away, the town makes for a perfect day trip from Brussels. It's centre is canal based, making it a very romantic place to tour, especially in winter, with the auburn leaves carpeting your way and the mossy greens covering the facades of medieval houses. 

In need of refreshment after the walk to the centre (any excuse will do), we entered 2be, one of the best bars in Bruges, for a pint. You'll recognize the place from its beer wall. Yes, beer wall. 

One of the best draughts I've ever tasted, and wickedly heady too. We enjoyed it at their terrace overlooking the main canal, which encouraged us to search for a boat which will take us (slightly unsteady) soldiers for a ride! 

At around 7 euros for a 20 minute tour, this isn't something you should skip on. The views from the little boat are quite amazing. 

Refreshed by the trip, we ambled towards the main square, where there was an ice skating rink and more stalls from their Christmas market. Divine food, pleasantly presented and ready to go? Count me in. 

Food in hand and grins firmly set, we rushed towards our coach and sped off towards Antwerp for a quick hello. More on that soon!

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