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Weekend in Aberystwyth

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It's always sad when one of your best friends goes abroad to study, leaving you stuck at home. There is a bright side to it however - you get to visit! That's exactly what I did a while ago, as I popped by the Welsh west coast to catch up with my best buddy. 

Aberystwyth is an isolated little seaside town, chock-full of university students. The combination makes Aber easily one of the most fun places to be in at any time, as I soon discovered in my few nights over! My photography skills apparently do not mix with shots...

In between nights out, I also had the time to explore the place whilst everyone was busy with their lectures. In true Welsh style, the weather was bitterly cold and the wind did not stop for one second, but the roam was worth it. Although small, Aber has a lovely promenade and pier, as well as castle ruins dating back to the Iron Age. Not bad for such a tiny town! 

Putting all my faith in my sturdy boots, I went down to the beach to take some shots. Being the typical islander, I can't resist some good waves!

Frozen to the bone, I traipsed towards the ruins, touching the old mossy boulders as children skipped on and around them, their parents anxiously looking on. Whenever I visit old places, I feel humbled; they have stood the test of time - we will not.

The day passed in a blur as I hurried back home, eager for some hot tea, and of course, to start preparing for the evening's outing! Stay tuned for more on that.

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