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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Winter Wonderland

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A li'l something to help you survive Tuesday. 

When my friends and I were planning our trip to Croatia, we had stumbled upon Plitvice Lakes National Park, and were very tempted to visit, but logistically it was impossible to do, so I had to bookmark it for the (hopefully near) future.  

The lakes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with good reason. Sixteen interconnected lakes flow in a vein-like formation across the mountainous area, at times converging and descending in the most wonderful waterfalls. 

The place is stunning throughout the year, but when I came across an image of the Lakes in deep winter, I knew it was a must-visit. The trick is to plan it out properly - check out the weather forecasts beforehand; heavy snowfall might mean that the park is closed (although it is rare), take note of opening hours and check road conditions if you plan to hire a car. 

The best thing about a winter visit? Due to it being low season, entrance tickets are at a reduced price, and lack of tourists snapping away with their selfie sticks means you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the place. Sold yet?  

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