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Harbour Club Dining

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Exhausted and famished after Notte Bianca, we decided to finally try out a relatively new restaurant in town, The Harbour Club. I've been driving past it and meaning to check it out for ages, and finally I got the perfect opportunity to do so this weekend. 

What drew me in at first was the stunning architecture and design of the place; a sublime mix of modern and traditionally Maltese features, expertly combined by architect Chris Briffa . Little did I know, that the aesthetic feast it provides is further complemented by an exquisite culinary feast inside. 

Inside, we were seated at the subterranean floor, where we were completely alone except for the servers eager to make our meal perfect. Laughter and chatter engulfed the upper floors, but we had a lovely quiet setting all to ourselves in the re-purposed cave-like structure. 

Between us, we tasted a variety of plates: mozzarella di bufala wrapped in parma ham, pappardelle with a slightly spicy veal ragu and an extraordinarily tender rib-eye in wild mushroom sauce. Despite my nitpicking tendencies, I honestly could find no fault with any plate.

As satisfied as we were, we couldn't resist sharing a warm homemade chocolate tart served with vanilla ice cream - it didn't disappoint! 

Wistfully wishing we could kidnap the chef to take home with us, we left, enjoying the city lights at night. A perfect ending to a perfect evening! You can find the Harbour Club at Barriera Wharf, Valletta - prepare your taste buds for a treat! 

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