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Backpacking Trip #8: Party snaps

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If there's one thing you just can't skip when in Mykonos, it's the partying. Whether at the town itself in its myriad clubs, or at any beachclub along the coast, the island's nightlife is a once in a lifetime experience which you can't miss out on. 

Hailing from one of the world's world's best clubbing destinationsMalta, we thought we'd seen it all, but Mykonos was still one for the books for us. Albeit more expensive than our routine clubs back home, the atmosphere and euphoric buzz made our nights some of the best we'd ever lived. Here are some randoms (often blurry) from several nights of partying hard from dusk til dawn! 

The party never ends in Mykonos - stay tuned for more on the isle of winds (and booze)! 

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