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Backpacking Trip #12: Sunset in Santorini

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We were told that not witnessing a sunset in Santorini is as heinous a crime as not visiting the Vatican when in Rome. On one of our final evenings in town we decided to test this for ourselves.

Oia is perched on one of the highest peaks of Santorini. It is perfectly placed on the north-west edge of the island, meaning it is the ideal spot to enjoy full views of a summer sunset. Our plan was to avoid the hassle of Fira and catch a bus to Oia early in the afternoon, in order to enjoy the tiny town at ease before the show began. 

Excuse the amount of photos, but Oia is beyond words. We slipped from one narrow winding road to another, at times stopping to enjoy the heady views or poke into minute shops. We even met some old friends:

As the day crept on and the sun began to make its descent, we realised that the sleepy town was slowly being awakened by tourists eager to get their money shot. Clambering up on roofs and hiking to the highest promontories, we doubted anyone could have the romantic sunset moment in Oia!

Although slightly overwhelmed by the crowd, we found (struggled for) a good spot and sat back. I have to say, I wasn't disappointed by the scene that unfolded before our eyes. 

And that marked the end of our backpacking adventure. A day later, we were packed up and snoozing in an airport in Athens, reluctantly boarding a flight back home. The most amazing fortnight of my life came to an end in one of the most iconic and beautiful places in the world, with two of the greatest friends and travel buddies I could ever wish for. Here's to more adventures! 

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