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Backpacking Trip #11: Ridin'

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I've traveled to a number of places and via a variety of vehicles, but going up a seaside cliff on a donkey? That was an experience to say the least.

Fira is set on one of the highest points of Santorini, and it commands stunning views of the sea below. However, slightly suffocated by the number of tourists in its sunny streets, we decided to go down to its port in hope of some breeze. A cable car ride later (with plenty of views) and we were by the sea. 


The port was breezy and calm after the bustle above, but soon enough we realized that at some point we had to return upwards. A steep cliff with zigzagging cobbled steps, in mid-August, at around noon - not the most tantalizing of scenarios.

The solution came to us quickly enough in the form of a heavenly sight - a donkey station! We got in line as men helped people get up on the colourfully adorned donkeys, and begin their journey upwards. 


The rode was definitely bumpy at first, but the trick is to trust your donkey; he's been up those steps a thousand times and knows his way about. Just find your balance and get used to the movement of the donkey beneath you as he clambers up the steps. The moment we "managed" to do that, we soon started laughing our asses off (get it?) 

The views helped too, as step by step the ships shrinked below us and we were at level with the volcanic cliff sides.


Too soon, we were back in town and were being helped down our new friends. Ruefully we said our goodbyes...

...and journeyed on around the isle - sadly, not on donkeys. Stay tuned for more!

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