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Backpacking Trip #10: Living the dream

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Our two-week adventure was to end in one of the most magical places I've been to, and definitely one of the most talked about islands in the world - the breathtaking Santorini. After our party nights (and days) in Mykonos, a few relaxing days in its sister island were just what we needed. Although of course relaxing meant exploring every nook and cranny of the famous isle! 

Fira is even more stunning than the ads suggest. Its signature whitewashed walls and sky-blue apertures rise like a dreamy oasis, perched on the dark volcanic cliffs of the island. Cruise ships swarm the ocean below, whilst their passengers swarm the town above.  

We roamed around Fira, breathing in the views, but by noon we were starving and ready to dig in some good Greek food. Thankfully, we avoided tourist traps and found the Parea Tavern, a lovely food place with stunning views of the town and glorious food to match. 

Between us, we managed to devour half the menu - from baked halloumi to gyros, to moussaka and stuffed peppers - soon enough, we felt pretty stuffed ourselves!

Satisfied, we marched on, through the throngs of tourists and sweltering heat, enjoying every part of Fira. 

 Excuse the amount of photos, but Santorini is one photogenic place. Stay tuned for more posts to come from the Greek isle!

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