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Turkish Delight

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My usual travel routine starts with scouring the Internet for tips and info on the country I'm heading to beforehand. It makes me feel more confident about my surroundings and more at ease once I'm actually there. However, my trip to Turkey was completely unexpected and came at an incredibly hectic time - I simply booked my flight ticket and headed to the airport to meet my travel companions (complete strangers at the time).

Boarding the Turkish national airline, I was impressed by the service on board - it was my first time flying Turkish Airlines, and after a lifetime of cheaper flights, I forgot you could actually get food! And as for Wifi on board? A dream come true.

Good morning, Antalya! We started off with a walk around the city centre to acquaint ourselves with the area, which is gorgeous on a sunny day. 

A while later, feeling cocky, we boarded a bus with no particular direction in mind. We weren't too sure of our decision when we ended up feeling very lost and stranded in a desert-like spot, but somehow, incredibly, we found this gem of a park - the Düden Şelalesi. Fortune does indeed favour the brave! 

The highlight of the park is, of course, the Sulalesi - the waterfalls!

Back at the city centre (we made sure to check the bus numbers before this time), we explored some more, stopping to enjoy some local cuisine. Old and new mix seamlessly in Antalya, and I knew I was in love with the city!

A quick boat trip around the port is a must-do for visitors, and is quite cheap too.

...and all too soon it was time for some local tea and a van ride to Adrasan. More on that soon!


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