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Paradise found

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"Paradise is seldom recognised as such until it is considered from the outside." How wrong Mr. Hesse was. I knew I was in paradise the moment I set foot in Adrasan.

We arrived at Adrasan just before sunset. Having spotted a lovely beach from the hills above, the moment we got our room keys we dumped our luggage, changed into our bikinis and sprinted towards it. Five minutes later, we were at the pearly gates:

Having been in such a hurry the evening before. it was only the following morning that we could admire our accommodation - not bad at all for a campus

Over our days there, I found complete peace, learnt to ride a bike (again) and made incredible new international friendships. I explored the tranquil promenade, its inlets and secrets, such as a hotel on a river, with ducks affably passing by tourists drinking tea.

One evening we decided to hop on a boat and explore more of the bay.

Adrasan, I miss you like crazy.

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