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Good morning Gozo!

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A surprise late-night date by the hubby landed me on an island even smaller than the one I live in - Gozo! After a healthy dose of sangria and a good night's sleep, we were ready to enjoy the island.

We headed East towards Qbajjar Bay in Marsalforn. The limestone turned a lovely shade of pink as the sun rose slowly, and we were left undisturbed (except for a few early bird fishermen!)

Tempting as the quiet bay looked, we traveled on, until we found the perfect hidden spot - magical Wied l-Ghasri. A dozen perilous steps later, we were at the foot of the valley, ready to toe in the ice-cold water! 

Tired from swimming and absolutely famished, we set off to find ourselves a decent breakfast at the one place we knew never disappoints...

...Cafe Jubilee in Rabat! A favourite of ours, due to its unique ambiance, and more importantly, its homemade food! Full English for us please...

Well fueled, we set off to our next destination, Dwejra. Game of Thrones fans might find the landscape familiar...

But I personally prefer it for its super cheap huge glass of slush! The perfect summer refresher.

How do islanders spend a day off in mid-summer? By hopping off to a smaller island, apparently!

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