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Backpacking Trip #7: Mykonos meanderings

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You know the hype about Mykonos? The absolute raving about its white-washed houses and sky blue apertures? The craze on the party scene? Real. All of it.

After a night in Dubrovnik and a short stay in Thessaloniki, we jumped on one more plane towards Mykonos, the Cycladic isle with a reputation larger than its total area. 


At the airport we were greeted by our hosts, the Paraga Beach Campers, who carried us and a bunch of happy backpackers off towards Paraga beach. Sleeping in a camp is not usually the most comfortable choice, but it was surprisingly livable, and when the common areas look like this, who can complain?  

Greek mythology recounts how the island is named after its first ruler, Mykons, the son of Apollo. Mykons must have been a fan of the sun, because the sun shines for over 300 days a year there, as we experienced ourselves. Thankfully, the sea breeze kept us fresh as we explored Mykonos town, or Chora, to the west. 

The windmills of Mykonos have stopped being used, but for a long time they harnessed the strong winds and milled flour for the islanders. Today they stand tall and proud over the town as tourists flock around.

Little Venice waited for us expectantly, and we soon obliged and went exploring. Blue balconies hang over the even bluer sea, which rocks gently against the houses and playfully splashes those milling around. 

We delved into the heart of the town, walking down cobbled alleys and into lush squares. 

The Greeks may have lost a ton of money, but they definitely haven't lost their sense of humour! 

Some shopping and sustenance and we were back on the road. 

We ended our day-trip with the best frozen yogurt I have ever tasted from Happyo (we returned several times after that first taste), before catching the bus back to our haven at Paraga.

Stay tuned for more on Mykonos and the Greek isles!

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