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Backpacking Trip #6: Island hopping

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We took a day off from mainland Croatia to explore the Dalmatian isles, mainly Hvar and Bol. We boarded on a lovely yacht early in the morning and set off from Makarska towards the small isles. The harbour itself is a magnificent sight from afar... 

A cheery breeze, blazing sun and sails set!

Despite being the middle of a hot summer, the islands were lush and full of life. We arrived at Hvar an hour later, and eagerly descended the yacht, ready to delve into the island's character.

Hvar is the jet-setting island of the area. High-profile VIPs and glamorous parties are often found here, but rather than spending the day star-spotting or in some trendy cafe', we lost ourselves in the winding streets of Jelsa, admiring architecture and the rustic ambiance of the town.



Hvar is renowned for its lavender fields and herbal products. At every corner of the narrow streets bottled oils, wines and herbal treatments are to be found.

All too soon, boat horns called us back to the harbour, where we set sail towards Bol. 


We ate our light lunch as we cruised towards Bol, breathing in the views and scent of the clear blue sea.

The colourful harbour greeted us a while later, as we descended once more.

Bol is rather similar in style to Hvar, albeit more touristy. The most striking and sought after spot is the Golden cape - Zlatni rat - a unique beach shaped as a sandy peninsula surrounded by crystal clear waters. This is what it looks like from above (credit: Wikipedia): 


Of course, it is usually slightly more populated in mid-summer, but stunning nonetheless. This is definitely one of the cleanest beaches I've swam in. 

As usual, I've taken too many photos and ranted on enough for today. Stay tuned for more!

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