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Backpacking Trip #5: When journeys collide

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Makarska: idyllic haven during the day... 

...mecca for party-goers by night!

The Croatians had been gaining quite the reputation when it came to their nightlife, and we were determined not to miss out. Although we had planned every leg of our adventure when it came to travel and sightseeing, we adopted a 'laissez-faire' attitude for our night-time events. Where the locals went, we'd follow!

A good night is always preceded by predrinks, getting dolled up, and of course, fooling around!

Imagine our surprise when one night we found a giant deer bobbing up and down and a good crowd doing the same next to it! We knew we had stumbled on something good, especially when we were greeted with orange leis and shots!

Bumping into Jaegermeister's Adriatic tour was possibly one of the best things that happened to us. Definitely a highlight of our trip! 

Here's a video of the whole tour. From the small taste we had of it, it's just as fantastic as it looks! 

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