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Backpacking Trip #4: Hello, Makarska!

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Ready for our next stop, we strapped on our backpacks and hopped on yet another bus for a 60km ride towards sunny Makarska. Some map misreadings and unnecessary turnings later, we found our flatlet. Definitely a room with a view!

We rested, ate and went out to explore our new home for the following days. Makarska is definitely touristy, but still has that Croatian charm. For a torrid summer, the landscape was pleasantly lush too! 

The beach is totally unexpected. You wander around playgrounds, children excitedly running around, and ancient trees steeped in pebbly terrain, when quite suddenly you notice a change; the people are clad in swimwear, towels and their hair is actually wet! Indeed, a few metres into what we thought was a park, we found the ocean. What's a girl to do but dive right in? 

The energy and buzz around the place is infectious. Pretty soon we started giggling about like kids, whilst stalls began to go up for a night market. As the sun went down, the lights went up and smoke from food stalls invitingly pulled us in.

Night enveloped us all too soon, so we retired to our beloved flat for some predrinks, before one hell of a night out! The night went blurry after a few... 

Another one of many great nights. Stay tuned for more backpack tales!

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