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West End (and M&Ms)

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London may exhaust you by day, but it will definitely thrill you by night. One of the things I was most looking forward to the first time I was in London was to watch my all time favourite movie and musical: The Phantom of the Opera!

My mother and I had managed to find last minute tickets that very day, and at the price we bought them (some 40 pounds) we were definitely not expecting the best seats in the house. We were pleasantly surprised, however, upon finding ourselves right above the stage and across the infamous chandelier!

That night was pretty much one of the best of our lives. We sang along (whispered along) and cried during the heart-wrenching finale (team Phantom, anyone?) and I knew I wanted to watch every single musical on show in the West End should I ever make it to London again.

A year later, travelling solo and with just one day to spend in the city, I snagged tickets for my second-favourite show - Les Miserables! As I wandered about Piccadilly Circus before the show, I caved in to the colourful shop that is the M&Ms world...

I was the only one wandering around alone in a shop full of families and excited kids, but I can't say it dampened my spirits... 

It was finally time for the show. This was the only photo I managed to snap before the lights went down, and the overture began. From the beautiful voices to the clever stage, the show was spectacular.

My last night in London was made even more special when I came out of the theatre and it was snowing! My first experience of snow, in my favourite city, after watching a show in the West End. I am a lucky, lucky gal.

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