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Touring Venice - part 2

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We spent our time in Venice going around mossy alleys and admiring the unique city, but no trip to Venice is complete without a classic gondola ride! Bucketlist, check.

Our gondolier serenaded us all the way through the narrow canals and under damp bridges... 

Passing under the famous Ponte dei Sospiri...

We were having the time of our lives, until suddenly, in mid-August, it began to hail! We sought shelter beneath a bridge, our little gondola rocking dangerously to and fro, until finally the hail stopped for a minute and we could return to the ground. 

The sky was still bleak and ominous, but we decided to take a water taxi and visit the islands nonetheless, hoping for the best! We stopped at Murano to see the glass-blowers at it...

...but were way more impressed with its sister island, Burano!

The bright colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development, and probably served as a form of warning to ships sailing by. 

Kitty is partial to blue for its noon siesta!
With the skies threatening us again, we decided to take the boat back to Venice and scout the area for lunch...

Even in the midst of an unseasonal storm, Venice is incredible! 


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