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Roger Waters live!

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The day we had all been waiting for, the day we had spent months dreaming about and planning for, was finally here. We were about to see the legendary Roger Waters live, performing the even more legendary The Wall!

The queue to get in the Stadio Olimpico was a four hour long one, but we knew it would be worth it. We even met some fellow Pink Floyd die-hards..

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We finally made it in, bought the compulsory (epically cool) T-shirts, and basically jumped around like excited kids. Can you blame us?

We hurried along to the very front, as we set up camp to wait for the legend himself. Happy with our place, we chatted with the fans around us and bonded over our love with anything Pink Floyd.

By the time it got dark, and the first notes rang out, excitement was at an all time high... 
The stage lit up, we began to cry/sing along/scream, and the best 2 hours of our lives began. 

The man himself, Mr. Waters.

Beautiful. There's really no way I can describe the show, other than that it's a visual feast for the eyes and of course, a musical masterpiece. There's no better feeling than to listen to your favourite music played out live in the night sky, together with thousands of people who share your passion. Buying those tickets was the best decision ever. 

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