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Rockers at the Vatican

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What trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the Roman Catholic Mecca, the Vatican? Being the bunch of heretic blasphemers that we are, it was not exactly the classic reverential pilgrimage... while the Pope's away, mice will play!

But we couldn't help but be blown away by the sizable art collection that is the Vatican Museum! 

The collection is huge, vast and spans across centuries of human history. First up, the Egyptians: 

Not one of our finer moments... 

To the classics. Laocoon is spectacular up close, and it's especially exciting to see it in real life after having spent years studying the masterpiece: 

The place is overwhelmingly stunning, and surrounds you with masterpieces.. 

We even managed to spot our little homeland in one of the rooms! Pictured is Valletta, the capital, during the Great Siege of 1565. Kids my age spent lessons upon lessons learning about it, so it really is a thrill to see it recognized abroad too. 

Cherry on the cake - the Sistine Chapel! Excuse the blurriness, but this was a sneaky shot taken before the irate security guard made us tuck away our cameras.  

The staircase on your way out is pretty awesome too, and it is an iconic part of the Museii Vaticani.  

But once again, we couldn't resist! (Shocked looks like the one on the left stared us all the way down after that). Stay tuned for more Roman adventures!

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