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Goodbye, Rome

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I know, I know, another post on Rome. It's the last one I swear, but the city is simply too stunning to describe in one or two posts, and my pictures barely do it justice!

Roger Waters had left us in a dreamy haze, so we spent our final days in Rome strolling around, getting lost, and enjoying every minute. We ambled into the Trastevere area, which is much quieter and less touristy - our favourite!

Strolling along in the Roman sun, we couldn't pass up on the Pantheon, whose dome is still the world's largest un-reinforced dome. Outside, the piazza is a buzz of tourists and noise, but the world stays out of the mystic Roman temple.. 

... and lets you experience true beauty and peace.

Piazza Navona is pretty spectacular too!

Goodbye for now, Rome. You will certainly remain in my heart. 

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